To Start, All It Takes Is A 100% Refundable Escrow Deposit

The prices below include having a working script or at least a draft that just needs to be touched up a little. If you don’t, then I do my best to take care of all this behind the scenes for you so the process becomes hassle free so the only thing you have to do is send me a brain dump with key points, a link your site, and what you want your site visitors to do. From there we’ll work out how much extra it would be to get your script taken care of. A checklist will be given to you right after your escrow deposit is made.

Once I send you a working version, just let me know of any changes or you can approve your video right away. I’ll then see what needs to be done to add your new video to your marketing right away.

The chart below can give you an idea of the range of cost per project, but instead of choosing one and paying full price right now, just use the escrow button below and then once you approve your video, I’ll send you a link with the remaining balance so I can deliver your video and files to you.

Note that as a customer you also get FREE customized services from me like video player setup, branding intros, hosting integration, and complete video marketing campaign consultations.

1-3 Minute Videos

$197 – $597

Pricing includes video content/voice talent

  • Movie trailer video intros
  • quick product overviews
  • lead generation/opt-in videos
  • Whiteboard videos – $600/minute

3-6 Minute Videos

$597 – $997

Pricing includes video content/voice talent

  • High impact design videos
  • Complete product/Service overviews
  • Infomercial style videos
  • Whiteboard videos – $600/minute

Video Sales Letters

Flex Pricing

Voice is extra $125-$600 depending on length

  • Text only – $35/minute
  • Text + minimal images – $55/minute
  • Text + images throughout – $75/minute
  • Animated text + images – $125/minute
  • Animated text, images + video – $150/minute

Here Are Just a Few of the Many Benefits You Get as a New Client

  • Have male and female Hollywood voices in hour video
  • Receive video sharing sites and social media formats
  • Convey your brand message and design instantly
  • Add video on any website optimized for mobile viewing
  • Free lifetime “what works” video marketing consulting
  • No need to figure out complex video editing
  • Get entrepreneurial workflow without the bureaucracy
  • Quickly & easily take website visitors out of resistance
  • Savings transferred to you from my low overhead costs
  • No editing outsourcing with savings passed to you

Escrow Deposit, Contact Info, and Clients I Can Take On

Just so you know, I’ve been working with clients online for over 12 years and just take a certain amount of clients each month because of my offline commitments as a video producer here in San Diego and repeat clients online.

If you want your own video then just email, call, or start now with my fully refundable $100 escrow deposit.