Option 1: Custom Monthly Videos for Current Clients

This is a new service I’m EXCITED about! The concept is VERY simple. Since you’re already a current client, I already have your content. Every month I’ll review your content and come up with an evergreen video or two depending on your marketing.

I had a subscription service for many years delivering rebrandable niche video templates and this is the opposite where YOU are receiving custom content specifically for YOUR business.

These videos can be short ads for Facebook/Instagram, talking head videos/voice only with captions that can also be branded to fit your business or short info videos you can post on your blog or website (current client samples coming SOON).

After you subscribe, here’s how it works. You can cancel whenever you want.

1. I’ll have you on a schedule of when your videos need to be delivered every month.

2. We’ll have a quick email or phone consult where you let me know what you want depending on your marketing plans.

3. If you have more content to give me, I’ll give you a google drive link to upload to.

4. I’ll deliver your videos through an app where you can let me know of any changes.

5. Changes are made and you’ll receive download links along with being uploaded to a google drive every month

One 30 Second Video

Current Clients

Pricing includes extra video content

  • Your voice/video with captions
  • Facebook Video
  • Instagram Ad/TV
  • Website Video

Two 15 Second Videos

Current Clients

Pricing includes extra video content

  • Your voice/video with captions
  • Facebook Video
  • Instagram Ad/TV
  • Website Video

Flex Videos

Current Clients

Voice and content may be extra

  • Mixed content from royalty-free media
  • Monthly change options from existing videos
  • Extra customization receives instant discount
  • Mix and match content
  • Custom requests

Option 2: Custom Videos for New Clients

Custom Promo Videos

New Clients

Voice is extra $50-250-$ depending on length

  • Text only – $25/minute
  • Text + minimal images/video – $50/minute
  • Text + mostly images/video – $100/minute
  • Animated text + minimal images/video – $125/minute
  • Animated text + mostly images/video – $150/minute

The flex pricing above include having a working script or at least a draft that just needs a little touch up. If you don’t have one, then I do my best to take care of this so the process becomes hassle free and the only thing you have to do is send me a brain dump with key points, a link your site and what you want your site visitors to do. From there we’ll work out how much it would be to get your script taken care of.

The flex price above gives you an idea of cost per project, but instead of choosing one and paying full price right now, just use the escrow button below. Once I send you a working version, just let me know of any changes or you can approve right away. Once you approve, I’ll send you a link with the remaining balance so I can then deliver your video.

By having me as the video producer in your corner you’ll automatically get these side benefits:

  • Access to discount male/female Hollywood voices
  • Captioning for videos sharing and social media formats
  • Fast and organized video editing workflow for agencies
  • Advanced Facebook/Instagram 1:1 or 2:3 formats
  • Free video marketing consulting by phone or email
  • No need to figure out complex video editing
  • Get entrepreneurial workflow without the bureaucracy
  • No unrealistic timelines to lead you on
  • Savings transferred to you from my low overhead costs
  • No editing outsourcing with savings passed to you

Escrow Deposit and Becoming a New Client

Just so you know, I’ve been working with clients online for over 14 years and just take a certain amount of clients each month because of my offline commitments as a video producer here in San Diego and repeat clients online.

If you want your own custom video then just email, call or start now with my fully refundable $50 escrow deposit.