Top-Marketers are quickly moving away from YouTube, Vimeo & Wistia to this…

Leverage Futuristic Video Marketing Technology To

HOST, PLAY & MARKET Your Videos And

Skyrocket Your Profits

Unparalleled Power, Flexibility and Customizing Options – At Unbeatable Price!

Click to unmute!
Upload, Store & Publish all your videos in 1-click!
Customize  Your Videos to match your company’s branding
ULTIMATE quality of each video and ZERO delays or buffering!
Tap into 95% Of The Internet Traffic
Increase Your Reach  by embedding your videos anywhere
Create Custom Thumbnails  for all your videos to skyrocket conversions
100% Beginner Friendly, ZERO Coding, Design or technical skills!

Seasoned Marketers Are

Now Using Motvio To Host…

Just In the Last Few Months Motvio Has Processed

3,598 Videos With Over 3 Million+ Video Views

And This Is The EXACT Direct Result Of Pressing A Few Buttons

YEP! 3 Quick & Simple Steps Are ALL It Takes

Upload to Motvio

Customize Your Videos

Publish & Share!

Many Have Been
Crushing It With VSLs
(Video Sales Letters)

Affiliate Marketers Use
Videos To Generate MILLIONS In
Affiliate Commissions

Amazon Has Successfully
Tapped In The Power Of Videos To
Increase Sales

Businesses Are Increasingly Using
FB Video Ads To Generate

Trainers & Coaches Use Videos
Extensively On Youtube
& Udemy…

And No One Leverages The
Power Of Videos Better Than The
New Kids On The Block
– Tik Tok & Stars

Even Celebs Are Posting Videos To
Stay In The Limelight

Top restaurants, gyms, salons, spas… every local business in every niche relies heavily on videos today.

Today videos are being used as the #1 medium to engage the audience, generate traffic, leads and sales.

Videos relentlessly work 24/7 for you even while you are sleeping.

Investing in videos is today the #1 priority for any business both offline and online.

And if you are not using videos in your business – you’re already very late as of yesterday. You have left far too much money on the table than you’d care to count.

But… the good news is – Videos are here to stay.

So, you need to jump in on this trend NOW and to take your business to new heights.


There’s No Doubt Videos Put IMMENSE POWER

In The Hands Of Marketers Today To RULE ANY MARKET

But let me ask you a quick question now…

Do you have the perfect solution you need to capitalize on all of this?

Because i’m pretty sure right now your videos are leaking traffic and sales like an oil-spill.

Not because your videos are BAD…rather because of the platform on which you HOST & MARKET your videos. See…

But let me ask you a quick question now…

Do you have the perfect solution you need to capitalize on all of this?

Because i’m pretty sure right now your videos are leaking traffic and sales like an oil-spill.

Not because your videos are BAD…rather because of the platform on which you HOST & MARKET your videos. See…

Keep them restricted to
your intended audience.
You are paying over $600 for platforms like Vimeo, Wistia etc. every year. That’s SUPER EXPENSIVE

Your videos are taking
ages to load and would keep buffering annoying your visitors who would eventually leave to never come back

YouTube’s never-ending ‘Skip Ad’ game is frustrating your traffic

directed to other related

Some marketers are simply copying your content

Your competitors are posting negative comments and reviews

You’re getting dead traffic to your videos… guys
looking for just something to entertain them

There’s a pretty long list
of ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts and you have no idea how many of your videos are reaching the strike limits

You are being provided
with useless statistics and have no clue how to handle it

The List Goes On And On…

So, when I asked around for recommendations from other marketers – they all came up with platforms that either had the same or even more problems OR were just too shady for me to trust with my business and content.

It clearly looked like we were all just being held hostage so it made me think…

What if I could create a video platform that optimize videos to deliver them faster but more importantly, works FOR marketers and not AGAINST THEM…

Imagine Being Able To…

Host, manage & publish THOUSANDS of HD videos without any delay or buffering, without worrying about reaching any limits and being forced to pay a lot as your business grows..

Well after almost 2 years of being told it can’t be done, it’s ‘too hard to create’ and ‘you’re dreaming’, once again we did it…

Motvio DELUXE Is a


It’s the PERFECT All-In-One Video Hosting & Marketing Platform

BY Marketers FOR Marketers That Will Make It Super Easy For You To Host,

Market And Publish Your Videos With..

NO Hosting Fees

NO Leaking Traffic

NO Domains

NO Delays

NO Monthly Fees

NO Ads

NO Buffering

NO Slow Speed 


Start Profiting With Motvio DELUXE

In Just 3 Easy Steps…

Upload to Motvio

With Just 1-Click you can
uploadyour videos

Customize As Per Your Needs

Change colors, components, insert
logo & even change the video player
skin with point-n-click simplicity

Publish/Share For Fast Profits

Publish on websites, blogs, landing
pages with push-button ease
and/or share on social media
with 1-click

Use Motvio DELUXE To

Host & Publish..

Sales Videos & VSLs

to boost sales & profits

Product Demos

to increase conversions
and close more clients

Affiliate Review Videos

to bag maximum sales, commissions and cash prizes

Training & Info Products

for your members

Videos for Your Blogs

to increase followers, reduce

bounce rates and better

search engine rankings

Training Videos

to help customers get the
best results out of my

Videos in Emails

to increase click-through
rates by 200-300%

Video Ad Campaigns

for Facebook, Instagram
and other social media platforms

and much more…

Motvio DELUXE is Built to PERFECTION

Lightning Fast & Easy

State of the Art
Video Technology

Unparalleled power, flexibility and
customizing options – at an
unbeatable price!

Complete Video

An All-In-One complete system for
uploading, storing, managing, and
publishing all your videos in

Highly-Sophisticated Transcoding/Encoding Technology

Powered by new
technology to MAXIMIZE the
quality of your videos. No more
delays and buffering!

Create Unlimited Playlists

  Create and embed unlimtied playlists to manage all your videos easily.

Unlimited Collections

Create beautiful unlimited
collections for all your videos and
embed them anywhere!

1-Click Embed & Share

Inline and Pop-over embed codes
to quickly add your videos to any
website, email and social media
platform in seconds!

Full 4k & HDR Support

Motvio has built in 4k and HDR
support for your videos!

WP Integration

Install our Motvio wp plugin and
embed videos on your wp sites!

Fully Cloud Based

Nothing to install or download!



Complete Player Customization

Customize and change the
appearance of the Motvio player
to match your company’s
branding and give your videos a
personalized touch!

Change Anything & Everything

Easily change colors, player skin,
player button, upload your own player button, logo, size/position settings and more!

Thumbnail Upload

Upload a custom image
thumbnail to all your videos

Customized Video Thumbnails

Create custom thumbnails by
capturing sections of your videos
into GIF thumbnails!

Custom End Screens

Create and design your end
screens using our inbuilt image

Drag & Drop Videos

Drag & drop your videos in your
dashboardand display them
as you like

In-Built Image Editor

Easily edit video images with
our drag & drop image editor

Image Library

Search for millions of royalty
free images & customize them for
your videos

Optimize Videos,
Images & Files

Optimize all your videos, Images &
files as you like!

Motvio Gold

Motvio PRO Gives You Custom Video Controls For

Unparalleled Flexibility

Customize every part of your video player to match your style:

choose to add or remove the playbar, speed controls, rewind button, playback resume and a lot more…

Motvio PRO Gives You Custom Video Controls For

Unparalleled Flexibility

Customize every part of your video player to match your style:

choose to add or remove the playbar, speed controls, rewind button, playback resume and a lot more…



Allow or disallow the playbar & keep your audience’s anticipation high all throughout the video or help them scroll forward.


Volume Controls

Select or deselect your
volume controls.


Share & Embed

Insert social sharing buttons! Maximize exposure for your videos and make them go viral. Easily add a video to your site,
blog, or anywhere around the web… without writing a single
line of code.


Play Speed Control

Control the speed of your videos! 

Allow your audience to increase
or decrease playback speed as
per their preferred levels.  This helps in keeping audiences
with varying degrees of focus
interested and engaged.



Add or remove full-screen mode.


Rewind Button

Increase the level of engagement
of your audience by allowing them
to rewind video back to 10 seconds earlier!

Give you audiences a chance to
revisit the previous part of the video to
check out details again that are important
to them or maybe even click the CTA


Video Resolution

Convert your video into different
resolutions like 240p, 360p, 480p,
720p, 1080p. using the built-in
“transcoding” technology.


Playback Resume

Allow your viewers to take a break
and come back to your video and
continue watching… by making the
video resume from where your
audience left off and watch
your conversions soar.


Theater Mode

Gives you a good player view
of the entire page! This helps
remove distractions for your
audience and increases


Pic to Pic Mode

Let your audience watch
videos in a floating window while
interacting with other sites or
apps… and make your video
abandonment rate drop
like a rock.



Easily add subtitles to your
videos to rank them better.
Also, get better conversions from
those who watch your video
without sound.

Use Interactive Call-to-Actions to Skyrocket

Conversions & Sales

Trigger different calls-to-action at any point in the video. 

No need to wait until the end. Convert your visitor when you think they are most likely to act.



Insert custom text
in your video!

Invite your audience to register
or subscribe and watch your list
and sales skyrocket


Graphic Banner

Want to announce an on-going
discount or a special deal that’s
about to expire?

Insert an image or a banner
to be shown at a specific time
to make more profits



Embed a custom HTML code or

styles to your videos


Clickable Buttons

No need to make your audience
scroll down and click on a link to
send them to your landing/sales
page… and run the risk of them
dropping out or getting

Make your audience take action
as and when you want them to
right inside the video by just
clicking on a button


Social Share

Enable 1-Click video sharing
across social networks (FB,
Twitter, Instagram etc.). Make
your videos go viral and get you
tons of free traffic and sales


Product Listing

Show and sell your latest
productsfrom right inside
your video! 

Your conversions are bound to
go up… because now you can
present your product list to
your viewers after showing
them some part of your
video – that may act as
a presell


Amazon product

Just enter a URL of your Amazon
product to show a carousel of
your products. No need to redirect
your viewers to a store page
and run the risk of them
dropping out


Shopify product

Just enter a URL of your Shopify
product to show a carousel of
your products. Make more sales…


30+ Training Videos

Motvio is VERY user friendly &
extremely easy to use! We have
put together a series of easy to
follow detailed training videos to
be 100% certain that you are able
to understand and execute
everything thatwe have to offer.


24 Hour Dedicated Support

Our support team is always ready
to solve any of the issues you
might face! We resolve 100% of
the issues within 24 hours. Be it
technical or strategy related
issues, we are there for you

Track and Grow

Overview Analytics Dashboard

Motvio provides an overview of
your analytics which is easy to
understand.. so you can see how
your videos are performing. Track
your video’s performance to
OPTIMIZE it for better results!

SEO Friendly Embed Codes

Motvio’s embed codes are
SEO-friendly and designed to
improve the visibility of your
videos and automatically rank
them high in Google and all the
major search engines!

Fully SEO Optimized

The video schema implementation
will boost your video rankings in
Google or any other search engine

Related Videos

Motvio allows you to show
related videos based on your
collection or your entire account
so you have full control of your
visitor after he finishes watching
your current video

Maximize YOUR Profits

No Hosting Costs!

No need to pay for hosting – ever!

Ads Free Videos

Ad free videos means you don’t
annoy your visitors and maximize
your visitor engagemen!

Social Sharing Buttons

Share your videos with our social
sharing buttons and give them
MASSIVE exposure!

Powerful Integrations

Motvio integrates with well-known
third-party applications to
improve email campaigns,
marketing automations, analytics,
overall productivity and more!

Supported By Any Platform

The videos created by Motvio are
easily supported by website
platforms, so you can place your
video anywhere on your site and it
will work without any issues!

20+ Training Videos

We’ve made it SUPER easy for you
to upload and publish your own
videos! We provide free tutorials
on every amazing feature that
Motvio offers.

Priority Support

Need help? Message our
friendly support team and we’ll
resolve 100% of the issues within
24 hours!

Use Motvio GOLD to Build Email Lists

Right Inside Your Videos

When is the best time to display a lead form in a video?

The beginning of the video seems pushy. But, if you put it at the end, no one will see it or bother to fill it out, right?

So, it’s best to insert these forms right before you’re about to deliver something of value… when the viewers’ interest levels are at the peak…

… and of course, every piece of content would have a different point where that would happen.

With Motvio Gold we let you decide…

Get full control over the
placement of your form
on the video

Customize the buttons
inside the video

Choose to make the audience
subscribe before continuing or
allow them to skip it

Motvio GOLD Seamlessly Integrates

With Major Autoresponders

Turn Your Videos Instantly Into

Profit-Churning Machines

The fastest and easiest way to make profits offline is by renting out real estate.

Online videos are no different. The videos you create are your real estate.

With Motvio Gold you get the unique opportunity to make money by letting other businesses run ads inside your videos.

The best part about this is… you get to keep 100% of the ad revenue. YouTube takes a 45% cut on the ad revenue. But with Motvio – you own the video, you own the platform, you own all the money your video generates in terms of ad revenue.

Run Overlay Ads

(Image Ads)

You can earn good money per month for 1 ad on 1 video. Now imagine running just 10 such ads on 10 different videos. The profits you can make are insane.

As for the businesses – they would love the fact that unlike YouTube – you’d offer ad space with little or no competitors, and at much better prices for them. It’s a win-win for you as well as your clients.

Can you imagine enjoying a recurring income by just paying a small fee today (only when you act now during this special launch offer)?

Create 3 Types of Overlay Ads..

Overlay Image Ads

Overlay an ad for your clients
while your video plays

These are images/banners
where your clients promote
and sell their products/services

Info Overlay

You can display titles or headings
along with image logo at the top
while playing your video.

You can inform you viewer or
subscriber about something
while they are watching
your videos

Watch Time Limit

Stop the video to a specific time
and let the user take certain
actions, for example let him watch a partand then ask him to subscribe, buy or upgrade,  show him a message etc…

Run Roll Actions (Video Ads)

Insert A Video Ad For Your Clients At 3 Different Points…


Add a video ad at the start


Add a video ad in the
middle of your video


Add a video ad at the end

Charge different prices depending on where your clients want their ads to be run.

This is massive… you can’t watch a video on Facebook or YouTube without seeing an ad at the beginning, in the middle or in the end.

Businesses would soon line-up to have their run on your videos again due to less competition and better pricing.

You can easily charge $500 per month for a single video ad. Just 10 of such ads would make you a really nice income… and that’s just the bare minimum you can expect to make with your videos.

Publish All Your Videos

On ANY Website…

Sales Page

WordPress Websites

Landing Website

Squeeze Page


eCom Store

Membership Sites

Anywhere You Want

Motvio Web Pages

Motvio GOLD Integrates Seamlessly With

Business Platforms & Autoresponders

Motvio is Flexible for All Types of Businesses

Featuring Endless Possibilities


Seasoned Marketers are
using Motvio on all their landing pages,sales pages and for VSLs to capture
more leads and sell more!

Affiliate Marketers

Are creating and hosting product review & promo videos to presell affiliate products and make even bigger commissions!

Coaches/Info Marketers

World-renowned coaches are creating training videos for their customers and building a MASSIVE audience and HUGE
recurring income!

eCom Sellers

Some of the biggest eCom Store owners are creating amazing product demos for their products and making easy sales!

Product Creators

Top Marketers on JVZoo and W+ are hosting all their VSLs on Motvio and controlling all the traffic!

FB Advertisers

Are using Motvio to create video ads, promo videos, review videos and sales videos.

Lead Gen

Are using Motvio to create video lead magnets for local businesses.

Video Agencies

Big names in video marketing are successfully using Motvio to create full-blown video marketing campaigns for local businesses.

App Creators

Are using Motvio to create training videos, presentation videos and promotional videos.

Real Estate Agents

Are using Motvio to show different commercial and residential properties.

Sports Clubs

Are using Motvio to showcase their facilities for prospective members.

Gym Owners

Are using Motvio to create promotional and training videos for their clients.

Home Tutors

Are using Motvio to create lesson modules and explaining difficult subjects.


Are using Motvio to show simple and painless their procedures are.

and many more local business too…

Motvio Integrates Seamlessly With

Video Platforms and Formats

The #1 Reason Marketers Are Leaving
YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Move to Motvio…

Motvio Gives Them 10X MORE Power,

MORE Flexibility and MORE Customization Than
Any Other Platform At A Far LOWER Price

Motvio Pricing comparison

Motvio is

100% Hosted On The Cloud

No Need To Download, Install Or Update Anything – Ever

We will continue updating and improving the platform behind the scenes – with ZERO downtime!

All your videos will ALWAYS be accessible via a single, easy-to-use dashboard with one secure login, on ANY web browser!


Full 30 Day Money-Back

You get 30 full days to make sure Motvio is perfect for you.
In the highly unlikely event, you’re not thrilled, contact us within 30 days of purchase for a no-questions-asked refund.


    20GB Storage Space

  • Add your Own Branding
  • Image editor
  • Image Library
  • Music Sound Tracks
  • 10,000 Videos
  • Upload/Publish Videos
  • State of the Art Video Technology
  • Video Management
  • Adaptable Birate Hosting
  • Autoresponder Lead Generation

    Password Protection

  • Domain Embed Restriction
  • Private link sharing 
  • SEO Friendly Embed Codes
  • Keyword Shortcuts
  • Customize Video Thumbnails
  • Custom End Screens
  • Related Videos
  • Player & Button Customization
  • Transcoding/ Encoding Technology
  • Clickable Call-to-Action Options
  • Visibility & Privacy Controls
    Thumbnail upload
  • Text Overlay
  • Optimize Videos, images & Files
  • Playback Speed Control
  • Create Collections
  • Create Playlists
  • Embeddable Playlists
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Customize Colors & Components
  • Insert Pre-Mid-Post Roll Videos


Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery. I have an agency license to Motvio which means I have to add you to their system. By going through my license you also get Motvio PRO + GOLD for free which allows you to save $94. If you would like more storage than 20GB you can always add more on as you go.