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Scott Lundergan

Scott Lundergan

Scott's been a ‘booked up months in advance’ producer since 2007 for 350+ videos online and several repeat clients. As of 2016, the main area of focus will be filming and editing your business profile, whether it be locally in San Diego or showing up at your door across the country. See how your story can be told like "Neighbors", "Islands Miracle" or even event videos like the "IM Event Party" videos in the playlist above using a 4k camera, cinema lenses, motion camera tools and editing.
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Here Are a Few Reasons Why You Can Put Your Trust in My Services...

  • Have a seasoned 14 year video producer including the last 9 years online with 350+ videos created for clients in over 30 countries at your side. I want to see you have success with video just like so many repeat clients have.
  • Been “knees deep” inside several 6 & 7 figure internet product launches to see how everything plays out behind the scenes when it comes to conversions, call-to-actions, video playback, and site integration all working together.
  • Shot pro video in 40+ countries with complete travel films produced and syndicated throughout the U.S for educational use.
  • Can edit and animate your video sales letters, talking heads, and promo videos that keeps the attention span of your viewers.
  • Filmed 1000+ video presentations seen by millions of viewers on websites, YouTube, cable television, cruise ships, and high end conferences.
  • Can talk the same language as animators, website designers, direct response copywriters, coders, and voice talent.

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