Video Marketing Monthly Services

Generate ongoing video content for your business every month from short Facebook/Instagram ads to editing your existing content as needed for evergreen promotions.

Endless Possibilities for Generating Video Content

Think of this as your own in-house video marketing retainer.

Option 1

Every month I’ll review your content and come up with new evergreen videos based on your marketing.

You’ll then be able to use these videos over and over in your marketing through new video ads, short captioned video content or lead generation videos.

Option 2

You can direct me to make updated edits to your current marketing, webinar, podcasts or educational videos.

I can work directly with you or your team if you have content, direction, storyboards or ideas ready to go where I act more as just the editor.

With both options, you’ll retain the long term value of your customers, subscribers and followers through an ongoing stream of video. Pretty cool, right? Click around playlist to generate you own ideas!

Option 1

Option 2

What Happens Each Month

The idea is to keep it simple. What works with my current clients is that we’re on a general monthly cycle and communication stays is in a single email or slack channel. That way, we can look back at previous month and see if we went over the monthly. If the services aren’t used for a month or two then they get rolled over to when they do which at that point the service is credited based on the last month rolling over.

I have space for ONE NEW CLIENT as of now as my current ones keep me busy so if you want more video in your monthly marketing secure the last space below. From there we’ll just have a phone/email chat to see where you’re at and see where I can best help you out.