Meet Your New Video Producer

Scott Lundergan

Scott Lundergan

Since 2006 I've been a web video producer for 650+ videos and repeat clients. If you're looking for a specific style, contact me and I'll let you know if I can mirror it or show you similar client work not shown below. Or you can choose a video option below right now to get started. In 2020, my area of focus is still filming & editing using my low overhead "rebel without a crew" setup or editing short videos for you.

Client Testimonials

“You saw, like I did the big stir it created in my market, people couldn’t believe it! I saw an immediate jump in my conversion rate not even to mention the increase in traffic I saw to my site purely from the buzz the video itself created!

More than that, it was just a pleasure to work with you.”

Andrew Hansen

“Right off the bat, one of the videos Scott did has almost doubled conversions from traffic to lead. Since all videos have been put in place, that particular system has a conversion rate of 10% from lead to sale.”

Daegan Smith

“Scott did all the videos for our funnel in our launch that knocked out about 1.2 million dollars in 5 days.

Scott not only knows how to shoot the videos and do good quality, but also with promo videos and working with us on copy to make sure the copy is good. It’s like he’s actually part of the team. All of his work was a huge success in helping us pull off our launch and even our current follow up we drive traffic to.”

Luke Hoppel

The response I am getting from people (one of the Top Sports Agents in the world) on your work is mind boggling. You truly are the best.

Mark McClure

“When it comes to videos for my sales pages, there is one person I go to. That is Scott at Video Producer Online. Scott has done videos for 7 of my sites and we have seen conversions increase the day we added the videos.

Scott understands the marketing required in the visuals and the sales copy that makes it so easy for me. He looks at the site, sends me a script, and in no time, I get a professional quality video.”

Mike Filsaime

Why Clients Trust My Services

There is a reason you’re here. Maybe you’ve been burned before, was told something would take a week and now it’s 2 months in, ended up spending more time on a short video where your time didn’t outweigh the cost, someone you found didn’t ask all the right questions and now they want to charge more… I get it. If I’m available and think we might be a fit, then you’ve found a home…

  • Have a 18 year video producer at your side including the last 14 years online with 650+ videos created for clients in over 30 countries. I’m also known for running camera, sound, lighting, teleprompter… all at the same time.
  • Been inside several 6 & 7 figure internet product launches to see how everything plays out behind the scenes when it comes to conversions, call-to-actions, video playback and site integration all working together.
  • Shot pro video in 40+ countries with complete travel films produced and syndicated throughout the U.S for educational use.
  • Can edit and animate your video sales letters, talking heads, and promo videos that keeps the attention span of your viewers.
  • Filmed 1000+ video presentations seen by millions of viewers on websites, YouTube, TV, cruise ships and conferences.
  • Can talk the same language as animators, website designers, direct response copywriters, coders and voice talent.

Custom Promo Videos

Below are some more notable videos and there are plenty more NOT shown below in case you’re looking for more styles. The 3 main markets I focus on are internet marketing products, financial products and health/wellness.

In fact, several of my clients are still at #1 spot on the Clickbank affiliate marketplace in their respective categories and some have even been in the top 10 since 2012!

Social Videos

New Clients

Pricing includes extra royalty-free video content

  • Lead Generation videos
  • Facebook Ads
  • Shareable Captioned Content
  • Website Video

Short Promos

New Clients

Pricing includes extra royalty-free video content

  • Your Voice/Video with captions
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Website Promo Videos
  • YouTube Ads

Rebel Without a Crew

New Clients

Voiceover or filming prices range

  • Filming in California/Southwest
  • Interview/Documentary Videos
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Talking Head/Teleprompter Setups

Below is an idea of cost per editing minute. If we start talking about more out of the box ideas and it would be more I’ll let you know in advance. Prices exclude voiceover/script so you can provide one or we can hire one. Complimentary social media formats + text captioning are available upon request.

Text Only
Text + Images
Animated Text + Images

Video Only
Text + Video
Animated Text + Video

By having me as the video producer in your corner that also acts as a sole camera operator, sound engineer, teleprompter operator, lighting designer and video editor you’ll also get these side benefits:

  • Access to discount male/female Hollywood voices
  • Captioning for video sharing and social media
  • Fast and organized video editing workflow
  • Advanced Facebook/Instagram 1:1 or 2:3 formats
  • Free video marketing consulting by phone/email
  • No need to figure out complex video editing
  • No unrealistic timelines to lead you on
  • Savings transferred to you from my low overhead

I’ve been working with clients online for 14+ years and prefer to only take on clients I enjoy working with and because of my current video work in San Diego.

If you’re interested in own custom video then just email, call or start now with a fully refundable escrow deposit. You can either have a working script or at least a draft that just needs a little touch-up. If you don’t have one, I’ll take care of this so send me the key points, benefits, your website and call to actions. I’ll send a link to the remaining balance once you approve your video… look forward to working with you!

Video Marketing Monthly

Think of this as your own in-house video marketing retainer.

Option 1: Every month I’ll review your content and come up with new evergreen videos based on your marketing.

You’ll then be able to use these videos over and over in your marketing through new video ads, short captioned video content or lead generation videos.

Option 2: You can direct me to edit videos you want such as updates to your current marketing videos, educational videos or audio/video podcasts. I can work directly with you or your team.

With both options, you’ll retain the long term value of your customers, subscribers and followers through an ongoing stream of video. Pretty cool, right?

:30-:45 Monthly Marketing Video

Current Clients

1 video from existing content

  • Talking Head Editing + Captions
  • Facebook/Instagram Videos
  • Lead Generation Ads

Flexible Video Timing & Content

New + Current Clients

See hassle-free pricing note below

  • Talking Head Editing + Captions
  • Promos from Existing Media
  • Royalty-Free Video Style Promos
  • Audio/Video Podcast Editing

:15-:25 Monthly Marketing Videos

Current Clients

Up to 2 videos from existing content

  • Talking Head Editing + Captions
  • Facebook/Instagram Videos
  • Lead Generation Ads

For Flexible Video Timing & Content, you’ll know in advance if requests go over the monthly payment. If they do, I’ll send a payment link for the remaining balance or we can just roll it over into the next month.

I have space for ZERO NEW CLIENTS as of now as my current ones keep me busy so if you want more video in your monthly marketing contact me to get on the wait list.