Since officially releasing Optimize Your Video 2.o, it’s great to hear the positive response from so many customers. In “pre-release”, we had positive feedback, but it was nice to get some recent “constructive feedback” to adjust the product accordingly. Out of all the behind the scenes episodes, content, swipe files and step-by-steps, here is the constructive feedback I’ve received, which I’ve acted upon in the last two weeks. I’ve summarized all the feedback and shared what we did to accommodate this feedback.

1. “Intuitive Navigation” Constructive Feedback Received: The navigation was good for a small membership with only 10 episodes where I link to all the episodes at the top of each page like my previous product, but for a product with over 140 episodes (now more than 170), not being able to navigate through each episode of the module without going back to the entire membership was not very intuitive.

Solution: My partner Josh and I agreed with this. So I spent a weekend creating and designing a menu layout for each module so when clicking on any of the episodes, a listing of EVERY other episode within that module can be clicked on without having to click back to the membership page! You can see a reduced size screenshot example in the “Bonuses” module below and how you can click on the navigation to go to any of the related episodes.

This allows customers to navigate an entire module without having to click back. I must admit, it does make navigating the content a total breeze now and I’m thankful I added it for my own sake as well because I constantly log-in to access workflow tools, resources, codes and training.

2. “More Videos on How To Make Screen Capture Videos” Constructive Feedback: There were not as many episodes on Camtasia screen capture software training, as that is a big part of creating web videos. There were many episodes that cover screen capture tools, techniques and CamStudio (free screen capture software) editing, but none that completely covered Camtasia. I had planned on waiting a few months to release these, but decided it was vital that it be in the actual release rather than a few months from now.

Solution: We added 38 new videos split into 3 episodes! You can see how I split them up throughout two different modules below.

3. “How Do You Create Your Text and Still Image Motion?” Constructive Feedback: One of the main inquiries I get from webmasters and video enthusiasts is how to tie in the concepts of motion design into their videos when they are editing their own videos. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve been paid over $100,000 in the last three years editing videos for clients on the web because they know the power of increasing response and engaging viewers this way.

You can see several of these video types at my custom video service right here on this website at Clients never bat an eye when sending me between $300-$1600 for a video project because they know they will make that back in less than a week or two of increased sales or leads because they know that creating motion in their videos (especially with text and images) is one of THE main reasons for this!

I covered this when it came to different concepts, specific workflows and the trigger points within your videos, however… ….customers wanted to look “over my shoulder” as I did this for marketing and direct response videos where it would make sense for any video being worked on in a professional video editing software, From Sony Vegas to Final Cut Pro.

Solution: I used a client video as an example that has received GREAT feedback and response during the recent pre-launch of his product. The client recorded the voice-over himself after a few back and forth emails of us tweaking the script. He then sent me the audio file and I did the rest from scratch. You can see the video by clicking here and it will auto-play in a new browser.

“More Over My Shoulder Videos….” In the next two months, I have six more “over my shoulder” videos I am releasing on video editing (which is basically, one of my income streams for me as a video producer/editor of many years), but I wanted to release the most detailed, step-by-step screen capture video tutorial covering how to create text and image motion throughout your video editing projects.

4. “How Do You Do Live Streaming Video?” Inquiries: This was more of an “inquiry” where we had someone come through our support desk asking us how to create and optimize their own live shows for customers.

Solution: We pooled our resources, experience and knowledge together about live streaming and added a detailed episode about it. The episode covers free and paid resources, viewer load calculations, best practices and the overall basic workflow


In summary, it’s great interacting with new Optimize Your Video 2.0 customers since the release and to see how they are creating, outsourcing, publishing and syndicating their videos across the web. If you’re a customer and there is more content you’d like to see along with our current updates and upcoming episodes, please let us know through our support desk.

If you’re not a customer yet,  you can get full access by going directly to

Best in Web Video Success,