In November 2007, I left the beaches and warm skies of San Diego, California  for a weekend to meet Josh Anderson for the first time in Boise,  Idaho.

You may know Josh, who is known for pioneering audio and video multimedia marketing products on the web and is one of the creators of Nanacast, a premiere e-commerce and multimedia delivery platform.

Our personalities, ideas and knowledge compliment one another pretty well by filling in the gaps on creative projects to deliver great products and experiences for so many of our customers.

Since then, we’ve worked with many mutual clients together to boost their video response along with creating swipe files of many web video innovations used by several websites today.

One of the very unique things about our collaboration is that he comes from the world of e-commerce and internet media technology publishing where as I come from the concept to completion video creation background.

With the offline and online presence I’ve created, instead of being stuck in one area, I’ve been very versatile from showing people how to come up with ideas when filming with FLIP cameras to combining screen capture with stock footage for 6 figure promo videos to putting together packages for CBS and PBS along with a huge variety of video creation types and clients in between.

This is why I’m so proud to finally offer you Optimize Your Video 2.0 as the next generation in web video publishing for any website to make any of your videos sell more and get higher response regardless of niche market.

To see the true value of this package for yourself, I highly recommend watching the PROMO video and the members’ area VIDEO TOUR . The website itself is pretty long as it gives an in-depth description and highlights the key points of each module that includes +140 episodes, with more episodes being included every month.

As the co-creator of the product, I know the product inside and out, so let me know if you have any questions, inquiries, thoughts and feedback.

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