Recently, I was working closely with a client who’s been with me for over three years and we were structuring a video sequence launch for a seminar event. I have to work very closely with clients through video launch funnels to ensure the videos all tie together, as there are quite a few moving parts all happening at the same time.

The interesting thing about the launch was that instead of making the offer for the seminar (product) at the END of the launch sequence, they have a link to the order form THROUGHOUT the 5 part video launch sequence. There’s one for the swipe file;)

While filming the two camera jump cut piece (which is just one camera cut to look like two cameras in post-production), someone brought up the PowerPoint video sales letter styles, which is just when someone is reading their sales copy that has been transferred to PowerPoint slides. I can see WHY this type of video converts so well because you are combining readable text and audio to a video, so you’re touching on the senses that people use to absorb information.

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