Some time ago, I got in touch with a company that allows you to  create short :30-:45 video spots to have on your website by choosing one of their templates and adding. You can:

1. Use the template directly with the images and audio “as is”.
2. Choose from different images, video clips and music.
3. Swap out their content to add your own images, video clips and music.

How cool is that, right?

Once you create and download a video, you can use it “as is” or edit it within  your current videos without confusing licensing.

But as I tested this “workflow” with a client, I realized that the length of each text area could only be “x amount of letters” and that I still wanted to do my own customization. That is just the creative person inside me:)

I still ended up creating these short videos for the client, but just did some of them within my own editing software and came up with some of the others in Spotmixer by just being creative with what I had and keeping it simple as you’ll see below.

So I thought I would share with you a blueprint for creating your own short web video spots to have on your website if you want to play around and see what you can do with this video platform.

The resource is called and here is the blueprint below. You can see some examples and case studies by clicking here.

Cool Options:

With their built-in templates, themes and video customizer, you can create and download your video for commercial use to edit or add right to your website (after converting it from high quality MP4) without confusing licensing for $79.

The other plan they have is hosting the video for you which is $19.99/month so you can add it to your own website via embed code along with an optional video landing page. Currently, they only offer a “non-autoplay” option.

Content Tips:

– Since you can choose and customize music, video, text, still images and voiceover on the fly if you need to, be sure to have a voice-over that is right under :30 (or :45 depending on length) if you want voice on the video. Inside Spotmixer, you can see the duration of each video.

– Choose from their royalty-free images or use your own. Go to a site like to get a wide variety of images and pay a one-time fee rather than paying for multiple images.

– Since you can choose the text style and font, choose one that relates to your brand.

Spotmixer Text Blueprint Workflow Strategy

– There are 4 uses of text placements for the :30-45 video spots. Here’s some text ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1st text: Bring up the problem or why people use your services

2nd text: Show them the solution by introducing your product

3rd text: Give examples of lasting benefits

4th text: Add your offer or call-to-action

Hope this helps you in your request to adding videos for your website and across the web. When you are creating the videos, you’ll notice that Spotmixer does all the motion and graphics design. You can customize it if you like, but I find they do a pretty good of adding the right elements where they need to be on the screen.

Best in Web Video Success,