Over the past 3 months, I haven’t written any newsletters, been out in the public much, or posting on my blog.

Good folks have been asking what happened. Where did I go? What was I doing?

Since I wrote my last newsletter in August, I started working on a series of product launches for clients, from the 4 Video/Blog Sequence to a 10 week short “themed video” sequence.

On a side note, customers of OptimizeYourVideo.com receive behind the scenes case studies for these and similar projects I work on.

I also decided to completely revamp the Optimize Your Video 2.0 membership throughout our soft release. This was after taking in customer feedback, seeing how they wanted to experience the episodes, and what else they wanted to know more about.

We also took a different approach and thought it would be better to just cut to the chase and lay out what works instead of delivering filler to “simulate” content value.

You see, our customers have an advantage because both my partner and I make a full-time income in web video development aside from the membership. This factor alone is how customers get “here’s what works” rather than the “content simulation” approach.

So here’s what I spent the last 3 months doing in my video labs making interesting discoveries for website video publishing at 2am and having multiple “ah-ha” moments depending on where I’m working from at the time.

1. We cut down 18 modules of navigation! We did this so customers could have as much of the content condensed in similar modules.

  • For instance, instead of an entire module for Amazon S3, now it’s just a series of 16 videos inside one single episode in the “Multimedia Content Delivery” module.
  • I revamped many episodes so they are up to date with content and where the helpful tips and related information flow naturally.

2. I also combined multiple modules, such as:

  • Production-Creation-Editing/File Format Mastering
  • Maximizing Web Video Response/Best Practices for Video Presenters
  • Website Video Embedding Strategies/Website Video File Optimization
  • Audio Video Publishing Bonuses/Cost Saving Resources

After this navigational redesign, we have 12 modules + The Video Profits Business System + Optimize Your Video 1.0!

The response for this has been very positive, as members can navigate to a single module and get more content than ever before.

I find it much easier to navigate and go through myself now!

3. The main website was also given a complete makeover with all the new module and episode changes.

4. Next, I created an “all-in-one” welcome page that comes up immediately after log-in with:

  • A link to all the membership content
  • All the recent updates
  • The upcoming episodes
  • Important welcome links

As a side note, ever since the last time I came out from hiding 3 months ago, we’ve added 18 new episodes alone!

This is another reason why the retention rate for Optimizeyourvideo.com is so high.

Which leads me to why I’m sharing all this with you =)

Now that the modules are condensed, I’ve put together a new video that I “personalized” while taking you on a journey through the entire membership, quick and to the point without extra filler.

Be sure to watch this new video that covers all the elements you need for video marketing in your business at Optimizeyourvideo.com.

Dedicated to Powering UP Your Video Marketing,